Orbital Therapy is a medical device company dedicated to the development of products for the treatment of breast cancer. Our innovative approach to the treatment of this particular disease will offer numerous benefits over currently used techniques and provide many benefits to the patient, as well as the care provider.

Our current product offering includes a prone positioning device for use with existing treatment machines. In addition, we are developing a dedicated radiation therapy machine for breast cancer treatment - the number one cancer in the United States. Radiation treatment remains the dominant therapy, often in combination with hormone therapy and chemotherapy. The usual source is a multipurpose linear accelerator (LINAC) that produces high-energy X rays. These machines were designed for the treatment of deep-seated tumors, and are not optimized for treating breast cancers. They generally are installed in heavily shielded rooms and treat patients in the supine position. During treatment, the patient is inside the room, and the patient's entire body is exposed to scattered and leakage radiation, possibly contributing to long-term complications.

Orbital Therapy was founded by Jason Koshnitsky and Alan Sliski and is located in Bedford, Massachusetts.