Products : ClearVue™ - Prone position breast radiotherapy system

The use of prone position to treat breast cancer is quickly gaining popularity. Prone position increases the separation of the target and critical organs and minimizes target motion caused by breathing. This results in the ability to deliver less dose to the surrounding organs such as lung and heart, and more precise dose to the intended target.

Orbital Therapy’s patent pending carbon fiber ClearVue(TM) prone position table was designed to address current and future requirements to deliver this emerging therapy technique. As many studies are starting to point to accelerated and partial breast treatments, precise patient positioning and open access to the breast are becoming of greater importance.

Frontiers in Radiation Oncology Featuring ClearVue™ in "The role of a prone setup in breast radiation therapy"

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ClearVue(TM) offers a number of advantages over other commercially available prone position tables. Our unique, patent-pending open design provides unmatched visual and beam access to the breast allowing physicians to plan and treat from multiple angles.

The interchangeable mid-section allows the user to quickly adjust the table configuration to match the patient . Our anti-artifact inserts greatly reduce the straight-edge artifacts that result from the CT reconstruction. The newly released laser alignment system provides an additional point of reference to triangulate the breast to improve accuracy and reproducibility.

Key Benefits

Physician & Physicist

  • Unique, full open under-table access allowing to plan and treat from multiple angles.
  • Variety of inserts to provide flexibility in selecting the treatment technique.
  • Optimized for whole or partial breast treatment and simulation.
  • Prone position creates separation of breast from lung and heart, and minimizes target motion.
  • Compatible with CT scanners.
  • Designed to work with vacuum locking technologies for patient fixation


  • Lightweight one-piece carbon fiber table
  • Open access for easy setup.
  • Slip-resistant feet allow direct placement of ClearVueTM on top of the existing treatment couch or option to lock down the table using crossbars.
  • Horizontal and vertical indexing for table and patient alignment
  • Indexed handlebars to assist in daily reproducibility.
  • Carbon fiber allows to treat through table.
  • Laser alignment system for precise daily reproducibility


  • Ergonomic cushion profile designed to equally distribute the weight and minimize pressure around the breast opening.
  • Variable inserts to increase patient comfort.
  • Minimize unwanted dose to critical organs such as heart and lungs.

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Products : ClearVue™ - Prone position breast radiotherapy system